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Residential and Commercial Flooring Contractors in the Virgin Islands

Our flooring contractors professionally install, sand and refinish your flooring, whether it’s carpet, vinyl, laminate, tile or more, we can help you have the flooring you want. We specialise in all your floor covering needs, and we can also provide window treatments installation and car detailing services.

For over 20 years, we’ve maintained our reputable position in the industry as one of the most highly sought after customer-centred and service-oriented companies in the country. Tortola Carpet Ltd. has expanded its services over the years to include upholstery of vehicle floors and seats.

Our experts at Tortola Carpet Sales & Services Limited provide residential cleaning services to our valued customers, to keep their properties looking best. Every week, fortnightly, monthly, and occasional or one-time cleans, we’ve got you covered for all.

Visit us at our showroom at Port Purcell, Tortola, British Virgin Islands or call or contact us.

Turn To Us For Quality Service, Low Prices And Huge In-stock Selection.

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